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What is a Pre-Engineered Building?

A pre-engineered steel building is one that has been professionally designed and engineered to meet individual city and/or county requirements, such as snow and wind loads. Every Bunger Steel building is engineered and ready for permitting.

What is the Average Cost of a Building?

Due to the custom design of each building we fabricate, the cost of a steel structure can fluctuate. Contact us for a custom quote on your upcoming project.

How Long Does a Building Take to Complete?

You can expect a minimum of 12 weeks to receive initial sealed drawings and minimum of 16 weeks for fabrication once the design is finalized. Timelines are subject to change and can fluctuate based on the building size, complexity, and the amount of projects currently being fabricated in our plant.

Is Bunger Steel a General Contractor?

No. Bunger Steel is a building manufacturer that also provides erect and concrete services. We do, however, work with general contractors on a very regular basis.

Do You Sell Steel Building Kits?

What we deliver could be considered a “kit” as it has all components to erect your building. However, our buildings are made to order, designed, and engineered according to local city and county requirements per the building layout as well as the building layout you would like for your project.

What Kind of Steel Do You Use?

Bunger Steel uses only the highest grade American steel for use in our building and components, including industry-standard 26ga sheeting and trim.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Our buildings come standard with a 35-year paint warranty and a 20-year product warranty.

Do You Offer Financing Options?

No. At this time we do not offer financing options.


Do I Need a Permit for My Build?

Most areas require a permit if the structure is over 200 sq ft. Check with your local municipal office on what you will need for your particular build.

Can You Help Me with Permitting?

We provide everything the city or county would require for the structural elements of the building. For further information on permitting, contact one of our sales representatives.

Does My Building Need to be Engineered?

Depending on where you plan to build and the size of your building, it could be possible that a permit is not required. Check with your local permitting office to find out their requirements. You can learn more about building codes here.

Do You Erect the Building?

Yes, we offer the option to professionally erect your project or you can do-it-yourself.

Do You Do Foundations?

Yes, with the exception of situations that require where there are expansive soils and retaining walls. All of our structures can include the engineered foundation drawings required to obtain your permit if needed. Speak to your sales representative for more information.

Do You Sell Building Components?

Yes. We can provide nearly all steel building components found on the market.

Will You Supply Anchor Bolts for my Building?

Anchor bolts on a building are provided by the concrete contractor. If we perform concrete on your project, the anchor bolts will be included in that service.

Are Delivery Costs Separate?

Delivery costs are included for the delivery of all our pre-engineered structures. Component orders can be picked up at our plant or you can request a cost for us to deliver anywhere in the state.


What Kind of Customization Options do You Offer?

There are many ways to customize a steel building. In addition to choosing the exact dimensions and layout of your building you can also choose the colors, add windows, add roof extensions and select many other options to make your building exactly what you want. You can add colors, windows, and roof extensions to name a few. Learn more about customizing a steel building here.

What Color Options are Available?

Bunger Steel has over 15 color options to satisfy every taste and palette. You can view and download our color options here.

Can I Add Veneer to my Steel Building?

Metal buildings can be designed to add almost any cladding that you would want to use. Faux stone, stucco, and brick are popular options.

Can I Add Custom Doors or Windows to my Build?

Yes, in most cases this can be done. We have 16 color options to choose from, as well as a wide variety of accessories including windows, man-doors, ridge vents, and gutters. You can also choose to install your own custom doors and windows if we don’t have exactly what you are wanting for your project.

I Want to Add onto an Existing Building. Can I Use Steel?

An “add-on” to an existing structure can be designed as a self-supporting building and would be flashed to the existing structure to appear as if it was a part of the original building.

Do You Carry Other Materials Besides Steel?

We carry a variety of supplies in our retail components division that can be used in traditional steel construction as well as wooden structures.

Can a Steel Building be Insulated?

Yes. We suggest insulating any enclosed steel structure. There are many benefits to insulating a steel building.

Can I Insulate My Steel Building After Construction?

Our standard fiberglass insulation needs to be installed when the building is erected but you can use other forms of insulation, including spray foam, after the structure is erected.


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