Insulated Metal Panels

According to the experts at the Alliance to Save Energy, buildings use about 70% of all electricity in the United States every single year. These structures also emit over one-third of greenhouse gases in the country. Fortunately, building insulation and metal panels for buildings can reduce the carbon footprint of your next project.

At Bunger Steel, we’ve seen the industry’s position on energy efficiency change since we first opened our doors in 1974, and we couldn’t be happier with the direction that things are headed in. Still, we certainly have a long way to go – and our metal insulation options are part of the solution.

What Are Insulated Metal Panels?

As the name suggests, insulated metal panels for buildings are a wall panel system that offers steel skins over an insulating foam core. They an aesthetically pleasing choice and provide unparalleled R-values for energy efficiency.

While the specifics of each panel may vary depending on the project, our building insulation panels are comprised of three core layers:

  • Exterior Metal Skin: available in a number of different options for appearance and performance
  • Foam Insulation Core: available in several thicknesses to provide the R-value your project requires
  • Interior Metal Liner: available in options that enhance the look of your building from the inside
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Why Metal Insulation Matters

Insulated metal panels provide exceptional thermal properties as well as unbeatable design flexibility. Other benefits include:

  • Attractive appearance
  • Fast installation
  • Reliable moisture barrier
  • Protection from wind

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