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According to the experts at the Alliance to Save Energy, the building sector consumes more than 40% of all energy used in the United States. At Bunger Steel, we believe we can all do more to embrace environmentally friendly green buildings. We’re committed to making sure our metal buildings are a sustainable option for your next project.

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Clarkdale, AZ

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Dugosh House

Cave Creek, AZ

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Dugosh House Interior

Cave Creek, AZ

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There are many more ways to increase the energy efficiency of metal buildings. These opportunities include:

  • Thermal Blocks, which are designed to provide a continuous insulation system that can improve energy efficiency by as much as 59%.
  • Double Layer, High R-value Systems, which guarantee high thermal performance to reduce heat loss.
  • Solar Roof Panels, which harness the power of the sun to generate power.
  • Painted Cool Roofs, which can help mitigate heat levels and provide dramatic energy savings.

The energy efficiency of your building is important to us. To discuss your next project with an expert, please contact Bunger Steel today.

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