Whether you need room for extra inventory or want to protect the equipment you’ve invested in over the years, a metal warehouse is the ideal storage building for your growing business.

Bunger Steel has the experience and skills you need to design your next commercial storage building. 

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At Bunger Steel, we handle absolutely everything aspect of your storage building in-house. This includes the initial design of your metal warehouse as well as the fabrication and manufacturing of all structural components. This allows us to fully customize every element to accomplish your goals—from specific warehouse accessories to the amount of floor space you need.

We’re also happy to work with your current architect or construction team. Over the last 45 years, we’ve worked with a small army of general contractors on metal warehousing projects and will gladly lend insight and offer advice.

When you choose a pre-fab metal warehouse, you’re investing in a process that is typically twice as fast and half the cost of traditional construction. You get state-of-the-art materials that will stand up to whatever you throw at them, performing well year after year. A metal warehouse brings the highest possible ROI on your business dollars.

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