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Building a mini storage building is one of the best financial investments you can make.

The self storage industry boasts annual revenue of an incredible $39 billion, with nearly 10% of Americans opting to rent a metal storage building unit. Building your own storage facility can be a lucrative business—especially when you keep your initial costs low.

At Bunger Steel, we’re ready to work with you to start your new venture right. Our experience designing and constructing metal storage buildings is unsurpassed.

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Torreon Storage

Mini Storage
Show Low, AZ

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Coyote Pass RV

Storage Warehouse
El Mirage, AZ

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Another Garage Self Storage

Mini Storage
Youngtown, AZ

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Peoria Mini RV Storage

Mini Storage/RV
Phoenix, AZ

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At Bunger Steel, we’re prepared to help you design a metal storage building—or a series of them—that maximize the use of your acreage for the best return on your investment. We’ll also help you plan metal storage buildings made up of the most popular sizes and shaped of storage units so you don’t end up with unrented space.

Thanks to our deep experience in this industry, we know how to create a finished building that requires minimal maintenance. Once your storage business is up and running, you won’t have to worry about high upkeep costs, increasing your return on investment across the board.

Believe it or not, customers want a mini storage building that is equal parts durable and attractive. We make sure your metal storage building stand up to rough weather and hazards like theft and fire—and look good doing it.

Why have so many satisfied customers partnered with Bunger Steel on metal storage buildings? That’s easy: We provide custom solutions to meet every need. From our complete design and development services to our fully in-house fabrication team, we’re prepared to be a partner in every sense—and we’re invested in your success.

If you have questions about our metal storage building solutions or would like to see some of our successful past projects, contact Bunger Steel today.

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