Man Caves and She Sheds

Everyone needs a place to call their own. A specific place to relax after a hard day’s work. A spot where you’re free to put your personality on display. A room that can be anything you need it to be, no questions asked.

That’s why you need your own man cave or she shed.

At Bunger Steel, we’ll take your vision—whether it’s a man cave games room, a man cave distillery for your favorite side project, or a she shed for crafting—and make it a reality.

Our Man Cave and She Shed Options

Whether you’re looking at modifying an existing room to become that man cave or she shed, or want to build a standalone structure to give yourself extra privacy, don’t worry—Bunger Steel has you covered.

Man Cave Ideas

  • A place to play man cave games like pool, poker and more
  • A dedicated home theater
  • A man cave distillery for home brew, wine and other creations
  • A spot to work on hobbies
  • A workshop for starting a new business
  • A place to relax and entertain
Buildings Catalog

Tubing Project 1


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Tubing Project 2


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Man Caves and She Sheds Project 3


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Man Caves and She Sheds Project 4


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She Shed Inspiration

  • A personal yoga or meditation studio
  • A craft room outfitted with all your supplies
  • A meeting place for community groups
  • A sewing and knitting room
  • A kid-free zone for total relaxation
  • A perfectly decorated backdrop for your social media posts

We design every man cave and she shed to your exact specifications. They’re perfect for residential use and durable enough to protect anything you need to store inside.

Best of all Bunger Steel is your single source for all aspects of your outbuilding, including

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery
  • Installation

We make everything easier than you ever thought possible.

Learn More Today.

A man cave or she shed is a highly personal space. The design process should be customized, too.

To find out more information about our man cave and she shed options, contact Bunger Steel today.

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