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If you’re looking for a cost-effective and unique way to make your home stand out, consider a garage from Bunger Steel. Our garages are built to last and protect your vehicles, boat, or RV while adding some serious curb appeal to your home. Bunger Steel’s garages boast a highly efficient and structurally sound design that can be customized with a variety of additional finishes, from stucco to glass.

Whether you incorporate a living space into your garage or turn it into a man cave, a metal building is able to accommodate your need for more space. Our buildings are made to order, designed, and engineered according to local city and county requirements per the building layout you specify. Best of all, each building is manufactured locally.

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custom metal garages metal building | Bunger Steel

Hamilton Development

Scottsdale, AZ

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custom metal garage | Bunger Steel

Kent Bunger

Prescott, AZ

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custom steel garage | Bunger Steel

Schwartz Garage

Parks, AZ

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Cave Creek, AZ

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Bunger Steel is a manufacturer of metal buildings that also offers erect and concrete services. That means that you can count on us to deliver the building start to finish.

Working with a General Contractor or Architect? We have decades of experience partnering with General Contractors and Architects to achieve your dream project. Bunger Steel has a dedicated team willing to do whatever they can to make your metal building process one to remember.

Garages, Barndominiums, Workshops, Man Caves…whatever you need your metal building to be, we can get you one step closer today!

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