Crane Buildings

No construction business can function without a crane to move bulky, heavy items from one job site to another. But no crane is in use 100% of the time. Protect your investment with metal crane buildings, and you can stop worrying about the weather, vandalism, and theft.

Bunger Steel will help you get the most out of your crane, whether you have one or a whole fleet. Our metal storage buildings are the perfect solution.

Metal Crane Buildings: Unlimited Possibilities

Our metal crane buildings are designed to support three different types of cranes:

  • Top-running cranes
  • Underhung cranes
  • Monorail cranes

Just tell our team of designers what type of equipment you’re working with and what your long-term goals are, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re not quite sure what type of building you need to support an expanding business, we’ll help you plan for the future so you have plenty of room.

Buildings Catalog

Stinger Bridge and Iron

Fabrication Plant
Libby, MT

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American Fence Co.

Phoenix, AZ

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Bunger Steel Headquarters

Office Building
Phoenix, AZ

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Case Tractor Facility custom metal building | Bunger Steel

Case Tractor Facility

Commercial Building
Buckeye, AZ

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Our Services

Bunger Steel has four decades of experience in the industry, so we’re your complete choice for metal crane buildings. For our clients, we offer:

  • Full design services
  • Consultation with your construction team
  • In-house fabrication of all parts
  • Total quality control


Your metal crane building can provide more than just storage. Consider adding a machine shop, lounge or extra office space to make the most of your investment. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

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If you have any additional questions about our metal crane buildings or are ready to get started on your next big project, contact Bunger Steel today.

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