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When it comes to your steel building, we know there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is the material you’ll choose to build your new construction with. What metal type is best? Which building material withstands weather or rusting? What’s the most durable metal building material? 

Corten steel is the best choice for your next metal building – whether it’s for your business or an outbuilding. Corten steel buildings are some of the most durable and cost-effective, not to mention visually appealing. In both residential and commercial design, it has multiple benefits.

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Corten Steel Project

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Corten Steel Project

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Corten steel has become a popular metal type thanks to its unique look and naturally oxidizing finish. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of architectural projects. Corten steel buildings weather beautifully thanks to a group of steel alloys that form a protective rust-like appearance, eliminating the need for continual repainting.

One of the major factors that make Corten popular for steel building construction is that it’s naturally resistant to the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, and other intense weather conditions. It also holds up well to high heat and intense sunshine, making a Corten Phoenix build a smart investment. 

A common question before a build that we hear from clients is about the benefits of Corten steel. People want to know what makes it different from other metal building materials and if it’s a good option for Arizona steel builds.

From the beauty of Corten metal siding to the durability of Corten metal roofing, there are so many benefits to using this material in your next build. It pairs well with a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, and weathered wood. It also transcends style, making a tasteful addition to any building project. 

Corten steel is durable, cost-effective, and looks beautiful. It only takes about six months to achieve a rust-like appearance, and after a couple of years, it reaches its peak patina look. From there, it remains mostly unchanged in that state, so you can trust it will maintain its signature look. 

The durability of Corten steel buildings is a key reason it’s become such a relevant building material over the years. The rust forms on the outer layer of the weathered steel, creating a protectant to the metal beneath it. So, while the top layer maintains a Corten rusted look, the layer below is shielded from rust and corrosion. 

Perhaps what makes this the best metal building choice for many is its cost-effectiveness. You will reduce maintenance throughout the building’s lifetime. Areas of your sheds and outbuildings that use Corten steel will also never need to be painted over. Corten steel has a long life and only improves over time with very little maintenance required.

Less maintenance means a lower total cost of ownership. That frees up time and allows you to allocate expenses elsewhere. With Corten steel in Arizona, you’ll spend less time worrying about the condition of your metal buildings and more time running your business. It doesn’t get better than that.

At Bunger Steel, we have years of experience with Corten and are happy to talk you through your next metal building project. If you’re looking to build with Corten steel in Arizona or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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