A church is never just a building. It’s a place that brings people together in good times and bad. As a sacred place, a church is a pillar of the community. As a house of worship, a church must stand the test of time.

Bunger Steel is honored to provide communities with metal church buildings to protect and uplift all who enter its doors.

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Bradshaw Mountain Church

Prescott Valley, AZ

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The Heights Church metal building | Bunger Steel

The Heights Church

Prescott, AZ

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metal building churches | Bunger Steel

South Peoria Baptist Church

Peoria, AZ

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Casa Grande Assembly Hall

Casa Grande, AZ

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Durability and Flexibility

Metal is one of the most reliably predictable materials available anywhere. It’s a far more flexible material than wood, which allows for a good deal of freedom in the design phase. Modern metal church buildings can convey a sense of strength while allowing an open, inviting feel.



Many congregations choose metal church buildings because metal is a cost-effective opportunity to bring exciting plans to life. Budget savings are extended even further when you partner with Bunger Steel, because we’re a one-stop shop for everything from design and engineering to the fabrication of individual components and installation. Keeping your project under one manager is a excellent way to avoid cost overruns—and get the job done on time.



We don’t outsource anything—ever. Because every aspect of the process is handled by our own employees, you won’trun into any surprises along the way. When it comes to your metal church building, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it, all so that we can help deliver the most important benefit of all: a building worthy of your church that will serve your community for years to come.


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If you have any additional questions about why metal is the right choice for your next church building project—or if you’d like to discuss the specifics of your design — contact your friends at Bunger Steel today.

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