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Bunger Steel Aircraft Hangar Construction

Bunger Steel aircraft hangars are constructed of the highest-quality American steel, fabricated in our own factory, so we can guarantee the strength, durability, and functionality of your building. From a personal trainer with a 30-foot wingspan to a twin-engine corporate jet with a wingspan of more than 90 feet, Bunger Steel will provide a custom-engineered solution to securely and comfortably house any aircraft.

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Wiseman Aviation

Munds Park, AZ

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Glendale Air Park

Glendale, AZ

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Suneagle, Terminal 3, Sky Harbor Airport

Hangar / Terminal
Phoenix, AZ

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Glendale Air Park

Glendale, AZ

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Private pilots can add an exterior overhang to protect an RV near their private hangar, while commercial operators can maximize space by adding a machine shop, lounge, storage area, or office space.

With Bunger Steel’s variety of corrugated wall designs and nearly endless array of component options—from bi-fold and hydraulic-lift doors to windows and accent moldings—your exact vision of your aircraft hangar can truly take flight.

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