Glendale Air Park

A pristine example of what an aircraft storage facility can be. A large enough space to provide protection from the elements while providing security for our customers’ aircraft.

Our design for this customer was ready to be constructed, until we realized they envisioned using bi-fold doors for their project. While we did not initially account for this detail in our original design, our end goal is always to ensure our customers are happy with their final product. We had to do what we do best: get creative and explore different possibilities.

To incorporate the customer’s vision for bi-fold doors without any additional costs, we modified a couple details within the original design. We moved the columns around to allow the doors to ride up and down on the columns themselves. Once this change was engineered, we updated the drawings to reflect this solution.

Our reengineering took a lot of ingenuity and skill to implement, but in the end it allowed the customer to use their purchased doors and they were pleased with the end result. Our years of expertise allow for Bunger Steel to specialize and handle these types of situations. Bunger’s highly trained staff knows the ins and outs of the industry and can think outside the box to quickly provide an effective solution to any problem.

Building Specs

  • Type: Hangar
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Size: 220x150x28
  • Colors: Hawaiian Blue/Polar White

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