Freightliner of Arizona

Freightliner of Arizona needed four buildings erected to house its sales and service dealership and technology school on the same property in Tolleson, AZ. To service large semi-trucks, the buildings would be complex in nature. They needed to include specific business accommodations such as large overhangs and a louvered canopy system as well as bridge cranes and lube and maintenance pits.

To ensure the buildings would meet Freightliner’s particular specifications, the Bunger Steel team worked closely with Freightliner’s general contractor and architect throughout the multiple design phases. Each building was designed with its particular end-use in mind. One unique feature of the buildings can be found when looking up. Over 50 sensor-equipped skylights were installed in the ceiling. They reposition themselves over the course of a day to always gather the most sunlight. Using natural light means using less electricity which makes the building more energy-efficient.

To customize their buildings even further, Freightliner chose Ash Grey and Polar White as exterior colors.

In the end, Freightliner was so pleased with the outcome that when it came time to build in Tucson, they turned to Bunger Steel once again. In Tucson, you can find an almost identical building to the original in Tolleson boasting the Freightliner name and Bunger Steel’s design and fabrication.

Building Specs

  • Type: Commercial Truck Dealership & Technology School
  • Cost: $$$$$
  • Size: Building 1: Semi-Tractor sales, service, parts and offices 142,873 sq. ft. 218 x 544 with canopies 31ft. high eave, single slop Building 2: Body Shop and offices 40,950 sq. ft. 100 x 273 with canopies, 25ft. eave height Building 3: Technology School 5,000 sq. f t. 50 x 100, 18ft. eave height Building 4: Storage 5,000 sq. ft. 50 x 100, 18ft. eave height
  • Colors: Ash Gray/Charcoal/ Polar White
  • Accessories: Large Overhangs, Louvered Canopy System, Bridge Cranes, Lube and Maintenance Pits, Circalight SunTracker Skylights, R13 Insulation used in roof, R19 insulation used in walls, 660’ of gutters installed

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