Case Tractor Facility

This facility compromises of six different steel structures with varying dimensions and heights. The final product is an intricate design that provides ample space for the ranging sizes of the equipment used.

Case Tractor/M&S Equipment project wanted to change the type of roof used on their building. We originally designed this as a PBR roof, but had a change of plans when the customer upgraded to a 24GA SIG 200 Standing Seam Roof. This type of roof requires a special order along with unique design elements, longer lead times, and longer installation. Although it would take a little bit longer to complete, we like to offer our customers the flexibility to change their minds in order to provide the finished project that they always imagined.

Due to the change in roofing, this project now required a complete redesign of the building. A successful installation of their new roof required a shift to the spacing of the building’s purlins. Additionally, Bunger was under a tight deadline and a change in the color and type of standing seam roof would drastically affect lead times. After discussing with the customer, it was agreed that the additional timing would be worth the end result. In order to meet our new deadline, we reworked our schedules and facilitated a rush order on the materials.

In the end, Bunger was able to deliver the finished building in a timely manner without dramatically impacting the overall project timeline. Their new steel roof added a unique element to their building which the client was extremely happy about.

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Building Specs

  • Type: Commercial Building
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Size: A-53x96x21, B-65x127x28.5, C+D-41x48x14/17, D-19x48x16/17, E-19x96x16, F-22x10x14/16
  • Colors: Ash Grey/Rustic Red/Charcoal Grey

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