Andre Ethier House

Our client, Andre Ethier, came to us with a vision. He and his family wanted to create a home that reflected their style and came prepared with a detailed plan. Full of intricacies and an attention to detail, this plan guided Bunger Steel to create the garage of their dreams.

The Ethier family had envisioned a large, multi-use garage that could also function as a “man cave.” Their dream look for both the interior and exterior needed to be fashioned in an antique, industrial, and rustic form to reflect the family’s unique personal style. In order to meet this need, we knew that one of the only ways to deliver their dream space was to use wall panels that could be rusted. Taking this into consideration, we designed and built the frame of the building to stand on its own without rusting and added the walls afterward.

In order to get the rusted look the family wanted, we recommended using cold rolled steel on the exterior. Untreated cold rolled steel rusts quickly, making this the perfect material to complete the Ethier family’s dream look.

The end result: a beautiful garage that acts as a center point on the Ethier family’s property.  An additional chicken coop and canopy were built using the same beautiful, antique rusted color completed the project. Its unique look allows the garage to stand out and perfectly compliments for the family’s outdoor entertainment area. We are so proud that we were able to bring their dream garage to life.

Looking for your own dream garage? Contact us—We can make it happen.

Building Specs

  • Type: Mancave, Canopy, Chicken Coop
  • Cost: $$$
  • Size: 60x110x20
  • Colors: Black Uncoated

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