Wind Speed and Snow Loads

If you’re located in an area that experiences extreme weather, like hurricanes, wind storms, or blizzards, a building constructed with traditional materials may not be able to withstand these conditions. Not to mention, everything within could be subject to destruction if it’s not strong enough. Fortunately, steel buildings are able to withstand even the most severe weather conditions with ease.

Metal Buildings and Wind Speed

Studies show that the first things to go when a hurricane hits are the junctures of the walls and the edges of the roof. Buildings made out of traditional materials aren’t built to last. On the other hand, metal buildings can be engineered to withstand even the strongest wind as their structural design provides reinforcement in the critical areas. Structural steel also bends without breaking or damaging the interior or foundation. This makes steel the perfect building material in areas that see extreme weather, like hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes.

Metal Buildings and Snow Loads

Snow days aren’t as fun when you’re an adult. While it’s pretty to look at, you may have to worry about the amount of snow your roof can hold. Metal buildings can hold plenty of weight, but it is still important to take into consideration certain factors to calculate the snow load your building can handle. These factors include the roof pitch, wind exposure, geometric features, and any additional roofing accessories that you may need to keep snow distribution more even. As metal buildings are virtually weatherproof, you won’t have to worry about rust or water damage to your building if you live in an area that is prone to heavy snowing.

Whether it’s a haboob, a hurricane, earthquake, or a snowstorm, a steel building from Bunger Steel will keep all of your belongings safe and sound.  Ready to invest in a sturdy, all-weather building? Contact us today.

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