Questions to Ask Before You Build

Where to Start

Have you decided on a pre-engineered metal building and are not sure where to go from there? Primarily, the best way to get started is by contacting your local city or county Building Department. Most cities and counties have a designated Building Department that can help answer your preliminary construction and permitting questions.  Generally, the zip code for the property will determine which county or city you will need to contact. Of course, you’ll want to give them a call but you should be prepared. To that end, here are some basic questions to ask:

Building Codes, Site and Permits

  1. Are there property restrictions for my future build? Indeed, rules regarding square footage or required setbacks on the property are common. Therefore, this question is key to building correctly.
  2. What building code version or year is currently being used? The International Building Code (IBC) is often adopted by cities or counties of the Southwest USA. Generally, building codes only change at the beginning of a new year. However, if your plans to build are longer than six months, ask if they expect to adopt a new version of IBC in the near future. This will help prevent any potential disruptions in your future building plans.
  3. Are there any design requirements that I should be aware of? In truth, some cities or counties have rules regarding the type of building material that can be used or even the windows it requires! If your project is a commercial structure, make sure to ask about your property zoning. Pro Tip: Building a garage – It may be wise to check with your HOA about rules for your residential project, too.
  4. What are the required snow loads, wind loads, exposure and seismic zone? Surprisingly, these all need to be incorporated into your build during the design phase. These are important details for your engineering team to be aware of. 
  5.  What is the turn around time for permitting? Knowing the average time frame for receiving a permit can help establish a build timeline down the road.

Next Steps

Why is all this relevant to a building manufacturer like Bunger Steel? Our in-house engineer team designs to your local city, county, state and national building codes. Each building is made to the unique specifications of your location to ensure the structure is constructed safely and can be permitted.

Even more important than deciding your structure type is who you decide to build with. Leave it to a team of professionals with thousands of successful builds. Choose Bunger Steel for your metal building. We’re only a phone call away.

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