What You Can Expect During a Build

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If you’ve already sent in what Bunger Steel needs to provide a quick quote, you may be wondering what comes next. The construction process of a prefabricated metal building is intended to be a simple and well-organized process overall. Compared to traditional construction methods, timeframes for prefabricated metal buildings are usually far shorter from start to finish. Are you ready to learn about what you can expect during a Bunger Steel build? Here are the five key steps in our construction process. 


Once you submit your quote information and discuss your desired building with one of our sales representatives, we can begin to draft a contract. At this point, we dive into all the possible options associated with your steel building purchase. All deadlines, general contractor information, concrete and erect, dimensions, job site information, and accessories should be finalized prior to signing a contract. You will have a clear understanding of your future structure once the contract is finished. 


You can expect to receive your first set of sealed drawings approximately twelve weeks after your contract is processed. Sealed engineered plans and structural calculations are conveniently packaged together to aid in the customer’s process of obtaining permits. Although we work to give you exactly what you wanted, any changes to your building should be discussed and ideally made at this time to avoid further delays. 

Release to Fabricate 

During this stage, customers are able to select color combinations and sign off on the preliminary drawings that will go into detailing where final touches of their project are made. Most customers will obtain their permits before releasing to fabricate their metal building. Depending on your jurisdiction and zoning, a permit may not be required by your city or county. Learn more about the steps you should be taking to get your building permits here


At this step in the process, we are making steel! If you have chosen our concrete and erect options as part of your building package, our team will schedule and coordinate those next steps for you. Final construction drawings are delivered to the customer in what is one of the final steps of a build with Bunger Steel. We recommend concrete be poured and set at least four weeks prior to the delivery of the building. Bunger Steel supplies a thorough installation manual with every building should you want to do-it-yourself.  


We typically schedule our building deliveries, down to the hour, weeks in advance. A concrete and erect package takes the guesswork out of buying a steel building and can quickly save you money, time and headaches. It is one more option we offer to maximize productivity and streamline the metal building process. 

Whether you are still shopping around or currently in the beginning stages of your build process, you can be reassured that your build process will be as unique as your project. Choosing Bunger Steel allows you the ability to tailor your experience to meet your individual needs and make changes when needed without dealing with a middle man. Ready to get started? Fill out our Get a Quote form or give us a call today!  

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