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Getting a quote for a steel building can often seem an intimidating task. We have outlined the most important details needed in order to get a quick quote for a Bunger Steel building. These bits of information are unique to each individual customer. The more information provided in the early stages the less room for revisions that can stall the course. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Most of our customers know the approximate dimensions of the steel building they’ve imagined before anything else. We know how important size is when it comes to your structure. A rough estimate is always a helpful starting point though our sales representatives are available to provide insight for those with questions. The dimensions of your building significantly influence other elements such as pricing and timeframes. Sharing the basic dimensions of length, width and height will accelerate the process getting you one step closer to steel on the ground.


A sketch of your building is an ideal asset to get all involved on the same page. Architects and general contractors often share their drawings with us in this beginning stage. Having even a hand drawn depiction of your metal building will allow your sales representative to better quote the building that you envision. Providing a sketch can also help in establishing where specifications, such as framed openings, should be planned for in the future. Maps of the property are also helpful and when needed, job site visits can be arranged. Overall, a simple drawings can jump start the quoting process by identifying your basic expectations.


We know that a Bunger Steel building is an investment. All of our buildings are made to order. We understand that a budget can be a prime factor in decision making. Bunger Steel strives to give you the best building we can while remaining within your budgetary requirements. Communicating your expectations will allow our team to accurately estimate a building with all your needs in mind. Bunger Steel always aims to create a package that you are comfortable moving forward with.


Though our timelines are standard across the board, we occasionally encounter situations where a customer has very specific dates in mind for their pre-fabricated metal building. Luckily, our unique in-house manufacturing allows for ultimate flexibility. While we may have some restrictions, we pride ourselves in being able to work with our customers to achieve delivery of a building with tight schedules. In some areas, weather can cause complications to a timeframe therefore being fundamental knowledge at the start as well.


Location, location, location is everything when quoting a pre-fabricated metal building. A precise zip code for where the building will ultimately be erected is an important piece in the building quote puzzle. The zip code establishes the building code that will be used by engineering to develop your structural drawings. Eventually, it will dictate where you will need to request permits from, if required by your county, city and state.  Exposure, wind load, snow load, seismic category are examples of key requirements established by your local governing agency that can influence cost. As you can see, it is quite a simple process to get a quick quote from Bunger Steel for a pre-fabricated metal building. It can appear to be a meticulous process but with our veteran sales representatives, you can rest assured that your concerns will be heard and acknowledged from day one by a live person. In addition, by having this information available from the start, we are able to reduce the need for costly change orders mid-way through saving you time, money and peace of mind. We are available to answer any questions. Start by filling out our get a quote form today.

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