The Many Styles of Steel Buildings

Bunger Steel has been building durable, long-lasting metal buildings since 1974. In that time, they have designed, delivered, and built metal buildings of all kinds for agricultural, manufacturing, and many other processes and industry types. But the number of potential uses, designs, and applications for Arizona Steel Buildings are enormous.

Innovative Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Arizona

In both design and decor, steel buildings can be made to accommodate any storage need, business process, or domestic use you can imagine. They can be made to match your brand or favorite style while accommodating any function you have in mind. Best of all, steel buildings are more affordable, easier to maintain, and more flexible than traditional structures.

If you look at our blog you will see that we have covered the gamut of what is possible with Steel Buildings Arizona businesses and homeowners use and love. Here, we would like to showcase some of the more innovative and unique designs we have seen and imagined over the years.

Agricultural Steel Building

Configure the perfect indoor/outdoor living space for your cattle whether they are large, small, or in-between. You could design an upper-deck observation area to examine and optimize their living space in a way that makes them happy and productive. Agricultural steel buildings can take the form of an indoor horse-training arena that is usable year-round, to a chicken coop that’s easy to clean or anything you have in mind.

Auto Showroom

Create the ultimate Arizona auto showroom with removable walls to separate maintenance and display areas. Build an elevated cafe into a corner or along the perimeter from which automotive aficionados can admire and discuss your collection. Steel buildings and classic cars are natural companions.

Gym (Home or Business)

Create your own fitness center as a business, for your home, or for employees to use at your business. Any way you frame it, your gym can be big, small, or what suits you. Design a sauna, pool, pr racketball court. The sky is the limit.

Combo Home

Many Arizonans have been making homes from unusual steel building designs. Some of these designs take the form of a home built on top of a garage, incorporate a central pool and courtyard, and many other forms of unconventional design flair. Steel building possibilities have taken the custom home market by storm not only for their versatility but for their price ranges as well.

Tandem Bay Structure

Want a garage that is perfectly suited to your RV, work truck, and your roadster? Why not build them all side by side under the same roof. Think of the time you will save walking from one to the other, searching for the right wrench.

Mini Home

Steel buildings are the perfect material for a mother-in-law’s quarters or just a super-economical micro-house for anyone who needs it. Use it as a guest quarters, or use it as a way to cut your expenses down dramatically while you save up for your next big investment.

If something you have seen here has caught your interest, the steel building professionals here at Bunger Steel have the training, experience, and tools to make it a reality. Get in touch today to learn more about what Bunger Steel can do for you.

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