The Difference Between Prefabricated and Pre-Engineered Steel

Steel buildings come in many forms from, prefabricated to custom, pre-engineered builds. At Bunger Steel, we’re ready to accommodate a build of any shape and size. Both types of buildings are sturdy, efficient, and cost-effective–all you need to know is which one will work best for your business or project. Not sure which one would be best for you? Here’s everything you need to know about prefabricated buildings and pre-engineered buildings.

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are manufactured in a factory then taken to the job site to be assembled. These are typically used as a skeleton for a pre-engineered building but can also come ready to build and use, as is. Prefabricated buildings are incredibly easy to assemble, take less time to put together, and come in a variety of different sizes to suit any project, from sheds to garages to airplane hangars.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

A pre-engineered building simply refers to a build where the specs have been determined before the production of the building materials. These specifications are determined by building codes and the loads that are needed. Pre-engineered buildings also use a prefabricated skeleton to build the framework for the new build.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can also be customized to allow for more design flexibility. Bunger Steel’s custom buildings can be any size, shape, height, or style as long as the design is in accordance with zoning laws and ordinances. Whether it’s a she-shed, restaurant, or airplane hangar, we’ve got your custom project covered. Call us to get started on your building today.

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