The Best Trim and Exterior Options for Arizona Steel Buildings

Steel buildings provide a high amount of durability, making them a great option for commercial facilities, garages, agricultural buildings, and more. When you decide to have custom Arizona steel buildings made for your residential or commercial property, you’ll find many options to choose from. With a custom-built steel building, you can choose the trim and exterior you want. Knowing which trim and exterior options work best for steel buildings in Arizona can be a bit difficult. Consider the following options for your steel building.

Steel Building Trim Options

When choosing trim for your steel building, standard trim provides a classic option with a more polished appearance. You can have standard trim placed on seams where sidewall panels and roof panels connect. Other options for standard trim include corner trim and sculptured eave trim. Corner trim is installed at the corners of your building. Sculptured eave trim can serve as a gutter system for your building. Rake trim is another option for standard trim. This trim is installed where end wall panels and roof panels connect. Keep in mind that that simple eave trim and rake trim work best on buildings that do not have an overhang.

Jamb trim is an option to consider for framed openings on your steel building. Jamb cap flashing trim and J-shaped trim can be installed on framed openings. J-shaped trim options include vertical jamb trim and horizontal head trim that goes around doors, windows, or other framed openings. Inside corner trim is a good option for the inner corners of your steel building. Base trim can be used for covering the bottoms of wall panels.

Steel Building Exterior Options

The exterior of your steel building does not have to be left plain and unfinished. When designing a custom steel building, you should choose a finish that enhances the look of your building. Many exterior options for steel buildings are available, including corrugated metal panels. These panels come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any steel building. Insulated metal panels provide improved energy efficiency if you’re looking to lower your energy costs.

Other options for steel buildings include stone veneer and brick veneer. These exterior finishes can give your steel building a timeless look or an elegant look. You can choose from different styles and colors for these exteriors as well. Stucco exteriors can improve your steel building’s appearance while adding durability. Keep in mind that your building will need to be able to support the weight of a stucco exterior if you choose this option. Wood shiplap can add a rustic touch to your steel building. You can also use a combination of exterior finishes for an even more customized look.

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