The Advantages of Arizona Steel in Commercial Storage

Steel buildings are ideal for many applications. From auxiliary housing to vehicle storage, recreation spaces, commercial sales, and much more- steel buildings come with all the advantages of any construction type, are more versatile, flexible, and can be made and designed to suit any style. But with their strength, affordability, and versatility aside, steel buildings are the ideal choice for commercial storage facilities and will save you money.

Why Steel Buildings are Ideal for Commercial Storage

Likely, the most important advantage of using a steel building for commercial storage is the sheer affordability. On average, the cost of a steel building is roughly 50% of traditional construction. This is extremely important for commercial storage for several reasons.

For a start, if you are storing inventory in your storage facility, then that inventory is not readily available to your customers. In most cases, the customer wants to find what he wants on the shelf, grab it, buy it, and go home. Therefore, displaced inventory kept in storage is a drag on your bottom line. That makes the up-front savings in construction exceedingly important.

This is not exactly an advantage; instead, it is why steel buildings are the best choice for commercial storage. Now, let’s move on to the more active benefits.

Speed of Use/Occupancy

The average build time for steel buildings is between 2 and 30 days. Even the simplest types of structures cannot be erected and finished in that time. Plus, when you’re in business, time is money.

DIY Options

While Bunger Steel does the installation for you, further DIY optimization and customization options are practically unlimited. With simple materials and design come easy repairs and alterations.

Build Accuracy

With lighter, stronger materials, steel buildings are much more likely to fill out the exact footprint you want your storage building to match. For zoning purposes, this is very important.

Energy Savings

Steel buildings are much easier to heat, cool, and insulate. Over time, you can expect to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of HVAC use. You calculate the savings now and add it to your upfront savings if you’re smart with your pocketbook.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Because steel buildings are inherently fire resistant, insurance companies charge less to insure them. On average, steel buildings will cost 40% less to insure than traditionally built structures of the same size.

Easy Design Optimization & Locality

Steel buildings are highly versatile in terms of style, roofing types, and color. This makes it easy to match the exterior design of your existing commercial structures. Also, because of the build accuracy, it’s much easier to set up your steel storage building near your commercial outlet- thereby reducing the problem of displaced inventory.

Bunger Steel is a leading Arizona Steel builder with more than 45 years of experience. Get in touch with the steel pros at Bunger Steel today, and get ready for big savings on your next steel building project!


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