Stucco or Veneer? The Best Finish for Your Steel Building

Stucco finished metal building from Bunger Steel

One of the most common questions we get from customers thinking about buying a steel building is about the “finish” of the exterior. The majority of us have a mental picture that pops up when we think of a steel building and it likely looks bland and grey. This is so wrong! Metal buildings can be seen in a variety of colors, panel types and decorative finishes such as stucco, brick veneer, and faux stone or rock. If you’re on the fence about a metal building because you fear it won’t be visually attractive, give this list a look and see which option works best for you. We can assure you a metal building does not have be boring and can be aesthetically pleasing.


Stucco is one of the most popular façade options available. It can improve your curb appeal and blend in to your surroundings if that is a concerning factor. Stucco is also a choice that can make your metal building more attractive all while being affordable. There are three methods for applying stucco to your metal building façade: traditional stucco, stucco panels, and stucco flex.

Traditional stucco is similar to what is seen on residential homes. To achieve this look, it is incorporated into the metal building design plans though often requires a spandrel beam to carry the exterior wall load. If a spandrel is required, it will likely increase building costs but for some the exterior finish might be a crucial factor in choosing a building type.

Stucco panels can be installed directly onto the building like the traditional siding. The panels will add a rugged stucco finish while increasing insulation and are provided in many different colors.

Stucco flex is the least expensive option for stucco on steel building. It is a spray-on option that is applied onto the corrugated metal siding or foam boards. The stucco flex will provide a flat stucco look.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer can be attached to the metal building frame with adjustable metal ties that transfer loads laterally. In the age of farmhouse style décor, this option adds the classic look of brick to your metal building without the cost and weight. Brick veneer is moisture resistant, fire resistant, and can aid in heating and cooling your building.

Faux Stone and Rock

Another option that is often seen on metal buildings and residential homes is faux stone or rock. It is an easy-to-install option for almost any surface. Faux stone or rock veneer is a cost efficient choice compared to genuine stone or rock and adds the same beauty to your building. It is available in many different styles, colors and shapes. Faux stone and rock veneers can be used to accent your building with other exterior finishes or stand alone to accent your metal building.

Mixed Façade Approach

As seen in our building galley, mixed façades are widespread among commercial and residential steel building customers. Combining any two of the aforementioned options will highlight the beauty of your building for a reasonable additional cost as opposed to a project wholly made of that material. Mixed façades of stucco and stacked faux stone are commonly joined with a steel building. Several of our favorite Bunger Steel buildings have compromised stucco and some type of stone. You can view examples of these buildings in our Project Gallery.

Different exterior, same structure

Whichever option you ultimately choose to decorate the exterior of your steel building, you can rest assured the structural integrity of your building will remain the same. We hope this helps in narrowing down what your steel building will look like in the end or sparks your creativity on an already erect Bunger Steel building. If you are ready to talk to a Sales Representative about a pre-engineered metal building, we are here to help.

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