Sheshed and Mancave Ideas on a Budget

Everyone wants a little space to call their own. For a married couple, that can be difficult to come by. The entire home becomes part of a community living space. Once you have kids, that living space becomes overrun with all things family. That’s a good thing but it still leaves you wanting a space that’s entirely your own. Enter the mancave and sheshed.

If you’re considering building your own little oasis, we have some tips to help you get started. While you can set aside any room in your home or garage, a shed or outside structure can be an excellent idea. It gives you some outside space and it’s separate from the home, which allows you more privacy and control over the design of the outside, as well as the inside. If you’re building a new structure for your mancave or sheshed, a steel building can be a great solution because they’re low maintenance and can withstand the weather.

Sheshed Ideas to Get You Started

Shesheds are a relatively new phenomenon. They first gained popularity on social media, so in the last decade or so, and became way more mainstream with the commercial about Cheryl’s Sheshed. You know the one.

For women, the sheshed became the place where they could create their dream environment, without other pesky hands ruining the ambiance. The great thing with this is that you can make your sheshed personal to you. There are no real rules and it doesn’t have to be very expensive, especially if you like to tackle projects yourself.

Some ideas to get you started.

  • Consider the outside appearance. You might want to make it look like a little home, with a path and area to sit outside. You might want to add flowers or landscaping or garden statues. Whatever makes you smile belongs to this space.
  • Pillow and throws. Pillows, throw rugs, and blankets make the space comfortable and are affordable.
  • Paint and decor. Painting inside brightens up the area and your decor can be as easy as outside furniture or as complicated as designer pieces. That’s the beauty of the sheshed, nothing is off-limits and you can do it on a budget.

A Mancave Hangout Spot

Mancaves have a much longer history. They once resided in the garage or the basement of the home. You remember your dad heading off to his own mancave. It might have been where his tool bench was located. Often there was a television for the ballgame and a fridge that was stocked with beer.

Men have also found that the old basement mancave just isn’t sufficient anymore.

Taking the mancave to an outdoor shed gives you the ability to have your own area to entertain friends or just get a little downtime to do your own thing. Whether you like to play the guitar, watch sports without interruption, or just read a book, a mancave can be your best friend.

A mancave can include anything you’d like. It might be a tiki bar motif where you and your friends can enjoy the weather. It could be a sport filled area or location friendly to the grill. The biggest perk of the outdoor mancave is that you get the convenience of home with a touch of privacy in your own space.

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