Metal Buildings in Modern Architecture

When looking at the option for steel buildings in Arizona, you may not have considered some of the architectural beauty that can come from steel buildings. In this post, we’ll look at a few examples of incredible modern architecture using metal buildings. 

Amazing Steel Buildings in Arizona 

Architectural metal buildings aren’t just a big-city, coastal fad. You can find plenty of beautiful steel buildings in Arizona too. We’re particularly proud of the Copper Brothel Brewery, a project we did a lot of work on a few years back. This gorgeous building is functional and decorative, with a beautiful copper sheen complemented by beautiful stonework. 

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in California 

If you’d expect anything from Disney to be whimsical, you’d be right in this particular instance. Soaring peaks, seamless joints, and curved shapes make this concert hall stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it’s practical as well. The reflective surface helps lower utility costs by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the structure, keeping it cooler in those hot LA summers. 

Exterior of The Walt Disney Concert Hall in California

Museum of Contemporary Art in Ohio 

With a highly polished black stainless steel exterior, the Museum of Contemporary Art provides a fantastic reflection of the Cleveland skyline. The non-square lines provide strong visual dynamics, while the slanted window installation offers a break from those long mirrored lines. This building was designed by London firm Farshid Moussavi Architecture. 

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Missouri 

Kansas City is known for more than just its fantastic barbeque. The stainless steel exterior is bead blasted to provide texture with a rounded exterior reminiscent of the Sydney, Australia opera house. The stainless steel covers the ribs, providing additional protection to the concrete below while providing significant visual drama. 

The Thames Barrier in London, England 

For these metal buildings, we’ll go a bit further afield. London was built upon the banks of the Thames, but flooding has always been an issue for low-lying areas of the city. The Thames Barrier controls the flow of water downstream, helping to prevent flooding in the city. The fin-like metal buildings provide visual interest to what would otherwise be a purely practical structure. 

Exterior of The Thames Barrier in London, England

Dear Jingumae Building in Tokyo, Japan 

With curved ribbons of steel encasing it, the Dear Jingumae Building in Tokyo creates the feeling of fabric in motion, using whimsical bends and folds to create a flowing feeling in the structure. Plenty of windows add to the airiness of the weave. Strong steel cross-braces keep the entire structure stable and secure, even in the Pacific Rim’s earthquake and volcano zones. 

Metal buildings can be both economical as well as beautiful, as the above examples prove. Are you getting ready to build steel buildings in Arizona? Bunger Steel can help. Feel free to contact us today to get started. 

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