Metal Building Trends: Rustic Style

Metal might seem like a material used only for roofs and other exteriors, but it can be used to achieve a rustic interior style. Adding metal panels or other metal pieces to the inside of a home or office building can create a stylish look with strong visual appeal. Keep the following trends in mind if you’re thinking of giving your home or office an updated look. 

Flat Accent Walls 

Flat metal panels can be used to create an accent wall for a striking appearance. These accent walls can instantly draw the eye and create a distinctive look in almost any room or office space. Adding these panels to a home or office interior offers an alternative to more traditional accents, such as tile backsplashes in kitchens. You can find flat metal panels available in multiple colors and designs. 

Corrugated Metal for a Rustic Interior Style 

Corrugated metal panels can add texture to the interior parts of a home or office. You can make an entire wall an accent wall with corrugated metal in larger rooms. For smaller spaces, consider putting corrugated on the lower portion of the walls rather than on an entire wall. Having one accent wall completely covered in corrugated metal can give smaller rooms a crowded feel. Only covering the lower parts of walls throughout these areas adds a touch of style without being overwhelming. 

rustic style home

Metal and Wood Combinations 

Combining wood trim with metal panels can help you achieve a visually balanced rustic interior style in your home or office. Wood trim provides rooms with a warmer look, while metal panels offer a cooler appearance. You can use metal for wainscoting and combine it with wood trim in different areas of your home or office. Since there are many style options available, you should explore these to find the right design for your interior. 

Rustic Tones 

Metal for your home or office interior isn’t just available in basic gray. You can choose from a wide range of tones, such as black or brown, for a richer look. Lighter and darker gray tones provide other options to consider. You’ll also find different options available for finishes on metal panels, such as matte finishes. These finishes typically fit better with a rustic look compared to glossy or shiny metal panels. Matte finishes can also give metal panels more of a vintage or aged appearance to go with your rustic interior design style. 

High-Quality Steel for Your Property 

If you’re looking for more information on metal building design trends or thinking of adding a rustic steel building to your property, please contact Bunger Steel. We offer a wide selection of styles to choose from to get the look you want, whether you’re sprucing up your interior or adding a building, such as a garage or shed, to your property. 

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