Energy Saving Tips for Your Steel Building Arizona Summer Months

Arizona summers are dry and hot. For pre-engineered steel buildings, the heat can make it difficult to perform commercial or residential work. Also, the built-up heat can damage anything that is temperature sensitive. Steel building Arizona manufacturer Bunger Steel offers several energy saving tips to keep the interior cool. At the same time, you won’t have to deal with excessive cooling costs.

Eliminate Drafts

Drafty doors and windows allow conditioned cool air to leak out from cracks. This problem forces the HVAC system to run for longer periods, which raises your energy costs. Replace older doors and windows that are past their life expectancy.

If you are experiencing drafts around newer doors and windows, check the seals. There may be loose or missing caulking. You may also find cracked or damaged wood framing.

Insulate the Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Insulation acts as a building’s inner barrier. It keeps the outdoor temperatures from entering the building. The insulation also holds in the conditioned air longer. Place insulation along the walls and roof of your building.

As the insulation holds in the cooler conditioned air, your HVAC system won’t operate as often. Then you may see a lower energy bill.

Avoid Wasting Energy in Unused Rooms

If you have a room that is not in use for most of the day, or for several days, don’t waste energy in it. Turn lights off, place in light timers, or install dimmer switches if workers occasionally go in there.

Close off vents if there is nothing in the room that will become damaged from hot temperatures. By closing the vents, it forces the cold air into necessary areas.

Consider Building Placement

Many people take into consideration the direction in which the front and back of the building faces. If your steel building Arizona faces east to west, most windows bring in the morning and evening sunlight. Unfortunately, while you increase the natural light into the building, you also bring in more heat. This heat can significantly raise indoor temperatures.

Instead, consider placing your pre-engineered steel building in a north/south facing option. The heaviest amount of sunlight will shine at the back of the structure. This setup keeps the building darker and cooler.

Install Reflective Roofing

Dark colored roofs absorb heat from the sun. Light colored roofs reflect it away. Consider adding a reflective light colored roof on the steel building.

Reflective paint covering technology has advanced to offer cool coated steel panels. Consider adding eh panels to the roof, exterior walls, or cladding on the building.

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