Commercial Steel Buildings: Why the Benefits Outweigh the Costs

Of all the reasons to choose commercial steel buildings, business owners primarily choose it because of its durability and affordability. While more expensive in the short-term, forward-thinking business owners consider more than just the upfront costs. A mix of iron and carbon, it stands strong against intense weather, which means less money spent on general maintenance or unexpected repairs.

It’s also a stable place to be, housing staff and customers alike from whatever lies outside the doors. Whether you use it as the primary material or as a reinforcement for your infrastructure, putting steel on your radar is one of the smartest actions you can take for a commercial building. We’ll look at why this is and how Bunger Steel ensures that our facilities are as tough as you need them to be.

Commercial Steel Buildings Across Industries

Livestock facilities, skyscrapers, airport hangars, storage facilities, military shelters: steel can be used to protect nearly any asset of your company. It resists damage from lightning bolts, termites, and mold alike. Commercial-grade steel is also insurance-friendly — meaning it could score you a considerable discount on your policy.

At Bunger Steel, all our metal buildings are built to last a lifetime and can be fully customized to meet the needs of your business model. If you’re looking for a structure that can increase your productivity without compromising your brand values, we work with you until we get it right.

We also work with local city planners, so every component of construction is carried out according to the neighborhood’s building codes. This can save you not only time, in that you won’t have to track down an obscure permit, it can also save you money. We help you keep to a construction schedule and avoid potential fines from (sometimes less-than-friendly) local officials.

ROI: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

If you’re interested in a steel building Arizona, you should know that it has a tendency to pay for itself over time. For instance, it can save you plenty on heating and cooling. Your HVAC bills tell a story about the state of your building. The more you spend, the more air you’re losing to the Great Outdoors. Arizona steel buildings require less energy on average. In fact, depending on the size and functionality of the structure, they might lower your utilities to $0 during the milder months, thanks to its insulatory qualities.

Bunger Steel: Arizona Steel Buildings that Last

Steel buildings are great for both residential and commercial buildings, but savvy professionals are often drawn to them for their economical properties. A steel building Arizona will retain its value better than its non-steel counterparts and deliver value every year for its owner. When you choose Bunger Steel, you work with planners who know different industries backwards and forwards. When we design storage buildings, we do so in a way that maximizes your space, so you don’t wind up with any unutilized areas. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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