Building Permits 101: Everything You Need for a New Steel Build


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If you’re considering constructing a metal building, you’re likely aware of the need to obtain a permit. In most cases, you’ll need a building permit to approve your structural drawings for any metal structure larger than a storage shed. Permits for steel buildings are important to protect you from inferior construction and ensure the structure is safe, up to code, and passes inspections. Additionally, having a permit on your building allows it to be insurable and available for resale in the future.

Here’s everything you need to know about metal building permits.

Who Is Responsible for Getting the Permit?

The property owner is solely responsible for obtaining the permits necessary for the structure. A permit eliminates any potential problems even before construction begins. Not having the proper permits could mean that your structure does not meet building standards and it may cost you more money to make changes to the building. As mentioned before, buildings without a permit are also very difficult to sell and could deter lenders and potential buyers from being approved to buy your building.

Do You Know Your Zoning Regulations?

First things first—checking your zoning ordinances will save you some headaches when it comes to building a new structure. You can do this with a quick internet search, by contacting a community government representative, or visiting your local municipal office to speak with a representative. These zoning ordinances are designed to protect everyone’s best interest and are put in place to keep a general uniformity of appearance depending on where you’re building. Fortunately, Bunger Steel provides a variety of exterior color options for your new structure to help accommodate these requirements.

Additionally, your area of town may have certain building requirements when it comes to the building height and square footage. Before starting any development work, it is important to know your area’s zoning restrictions, what codes you’ll need to meet, and any other regulations you may not have considered. Getting ahead of these issues will help you save time and money along the way.

What Will Be Evaluated in the Permit Approval Process?

Before calling for a permit, do your research and understand zoning restrictions and building codes for the area where the structure is being built. Each county or municipality is different when it comes to obtaining a permit. Call your county’s planning and building department to ask if your property falls under the jurisdiction of that office and inquire about their building permit process. Have your property description and location on hand when you call.

Where Do I Get My Permit?

Once you’ve determined what paperwork you need and what jurisdiction your new build falls under, you’ll likely have a few options when it comes to obtaining your permit. Some ordinances may only allow paper submissions while others may offer electronic submissions. Your local building department can lead you to the most efficient method for submission. Bunger Steel provides the required sealed structural drawings and calculations needed to submit to your city or county for permitting.

What Else Do I need to Obtain a Metal Building Permit?

Now that you’ve determined your area’s zoning laws and you’ve made the necessary changes to your project, you can apply for a building permit to start your build. Typically, there is a fee associated in order to process your application. Remember, the bigger the building and the more people working inside of it, the stricter the regulations. To approve your permit, the following factors will likely be evaluated:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Square footage
  • Building materials
  • Wind loads
  • Snow loads (If applicable)
  • Electrical wiring
  • Resistance to natural disasters

How Can Bunger Steel Help?

Without a permit, you may be required to pull the building down at your expense and have to pay an additional fine on top of that. If you’re looking to get started on your steel building, give us a call. We can provide more insight on the permits process and how Bunger Steel can help provide a streamlined approach to building a metal structure.

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