Building an Addition with Steel? What You Need to Know


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Whether your business is growing or your plans have simply changed, you may need a structural addition to your building. Steel building additions are easy to implement, cost-effective, and don’t require your current building to be made of steel. You’re also not limited to a single type of expansion. Steel building additions can come in the form of roof extensions to reduce water build-up and corrosion, secondary framing, or endwalls. Here’s what you should consider before building a steel addition.

Determining Your Expansion

First and foremost, figure out what kind of expansion you’re planning on. Is it an endwall, a sidewall, or an additional story? Once you’ve determined how you want to expand, it’s important to be aware of how the addition will impact your building. Some things to keep top of mind before your expansion would be your current foundational work, space, and the type of weather your area often experiences.

Is Your Building in Good Shape?

Once you’ve determined what kind of addition you need, take a look at your existing building. If you have a pre-engineered metal building, there’s not a lot to worry about as the frame posts are evenly spaced out throughout the foundation and can be adjusted for expansion at any time.

If you’re working with a non-metal building, determining whether or not the health of the building is good enough for expansion is critical. The more extensive the addition, the more you’ll have to research. The original drawings and plans for your building can help determine the type of foundation and load-bearing elements that were used.

Is Everything Up to Code?

Before building your addition, having a professional look at your building is recommended in case you need to make other structural upgrades. These upgrades may include additional plumbing, HVAC connections, or sprinklers to ensure your building is safe and up to code with the new addition. Having a professional check these things beforehand will save you time, money, and headaches.

Adding onto an existing building is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to update and expand your building. Interested in adding to your building with Bunger Steel? Contact us today.

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