Barndominiums 101: What You Want To Know

What is a Barndominium?

If you break it down, a barndominium aka “barndo” is a barn and condominium all in one. The trend started a couple years back as barns were renovated to be houses and has since then morphed into several variations. However, the term has started to loosely become associated with a metal building designed to be a home. For those that are trying to maximize their space and minimize their commute, it can also be a workspace with living quarters built in.

How Steel Makes Sense

These days, most barndo’s tend to be pre-engineered metal buildings designed as homes from the beginning. Why is this? The cost of traditional building material, such as lumber, has skyrocketed. While steel cost has also increased, many consumers find that it just offers more. Steel is durable, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, customizable, and generally faster to build. You can find all the reasons why you should be building out of steel here.

corten steel building

Barndominiums Pricing

The cost of a metal building is influenced by many different factors that are unique to the consumer. Location, dimensions, accessories, erect and concrete options, the current price of steel all can and do affect the cost of a metal building. For example, if you live in an area prone to snow, your building will need to account for that additional load which in turn will be reflected in the costing compared to a building with none. At Bunger Steel, our buildings are engineered in-house to your specific city or county codes. Pro-tip: avoid companies that offer building designs without the proper building codes. These situations are more often than not, a costly mistake since they are usually not up to the current standard set forth by your city or county building code.  

Like anything else, a barndo project can quickly add up. To keep cost down you’ll want to be considerate of your customization options.

Some items to keep an eye on if you are budget conscious:

  • Dimensions
  • Framed Openings
  • Eave Extensions or “Porches”
  • Building Pitch
  • Insulation

How Can Bunger Help?

Barndominiums at Bunger Steel are designed just like any other metal building. Bunger Steel has successfully manufactured many barndominiums in Arizona over the years. While we’re not a general contractor, we do work with them often and can coordinate our services efficiently.

Our scope includes design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, insulation, erect and concrete. For those that choose to finish out the interior, we recommend working with a general contractor as we only specialize in the metal buildings. Metal is a great option for barndominiums in Arizona and we do our best to provide high quality, locally crafted buildings that are made to order. Whether you are looking to build a rustic farmhouse or a multi-use structure, a metal building can work for you.

If you’re ready to get started on a quote for your metal building, give us a call or fill out our Get A Quote form. Our team is also available to meet, in person, to discuss your barndominium Monday – Friday, 7:30 to 4:30 PM.

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