6 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying and Constructing a Steel Building

Constructing a steel building is no small task. It requires thorough planning and there are many critical details to consider. When done right, it’s worth the effort to get a great building designed to fit your specific needs. So before you get started, here are six common mistakes that you can avoid when buying and constructing a steel building.

Mistake 1: Not Taking Your Needs Into Consideration

Many people buy the wrong type of building because of this #1 mistake – they don’t consider HOW they plan to USE the building. Before you buy any building, you need to remember that the building is there to serve your needs and it’s important to be clear about what those needs are.

In the early planning stages, ask yourself questions such as:

  • What function will this building serve? Is it for storage? A gathering place? A workshop?
  • How tall does the building need to be?
  • Where should the doors go? What kind of doors?
  • Does the building need insulation?
  • What shape should the building be?

Once you have a clear understanding of how the building will be used, you can begin to create a steel building to perfectly fit your vision.

Mistake 2: Not Budgeting For The Entire Project

When looking to erect a steel building you need to remember that the actual steel is just one piece of the project. You will have additional costs beyond the steel itself. You may need to purchase land, pour a concrete foundation, and get permits. You may also need to consider electrical, plumbing, insulation and interior finishes.

Make sure to factor in all expenses from start to finish before you begin the building process so you don’t get stuck along the way.

Mistake 3: Considering Only the Cheapest Building

When you’re looking at the options to buy steel buildings you need to consider the price and the cost. For example, you could buy a quonset hut because they can be lower in price. But if after the fact you realize that you need to insulate it, that can drive up the cost considerably. In the end, you may have saved money by choosing a different style up front. Like we discussed in mistake #2, you’ll want to factor in all the project variables when you’re looking at what a steel building costs.

Of course there are times when the right building will be the cheapest, but oftentimes it’s not the case. Just make sure you do your research and consider that sometimes the cheapest option, actually isn’t in the end.

Mistake 4: Buying on a Whim

Buying a steel building is not a spur of the moment purchase. If you’re working with a salesperson that’s pressuring you to buy quickly, walk away. Remember, you are buying a building, not a sales pitch. At Bunger Steel, we’ll work with you, at your pace, to ensure you get the right building for your needs.

Mistake 5: Not Doing Your Research

When working with a company for the first time, there should be no hesitation in asking a lot of questions, looking at examples, and even checking references. In early conversations you may want to ask,

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How are their Better Business Bureau reviews?
  • Do they have any industry affiliations or references?
  • What kind of guarantee do they offer?

And of course, ask to see examples of their work. At Bunger Steel, we invite all of our customers to check out our past work and ask questions about our projects.

Mistake 6: Not Knowing the Difference Between Zoning Requirements and Building Requirements

Getting permission to build is typically a two-step process: step 1 is zoning and step 2 is structural.

Zoning is usually a size and appearance issue. Local zoning ordinance officials may limit the size, the height, the outside appearance, setbacks and more. You’ll need a plot plan, the building dimensions and know where you want to place the building on your property. It shouldn’t cost you money to check into zoning and in some cases you won’t even need to worry about it (some storage or workshop buildings).

After you clear zoning (if needed) you’ll need to prove to building inspectors and permitting officials that the building you want to erect is structurally sound. This can be a very critical step in deciding what type of building to buy. Certain areas can have specific restrictions and you’ll need to make sure your building meets the requirements. How do you know? Ask the building company for certified, stamped, engineered blueprints, plans, and calculations for the building. These plans prove the building will meet the local loading and structural conditions. Without these you’ll have no proof of what’s being delivered.

You’ll need other building permits for your project as well. After all, a bathroom is a bathroom no matter what type of building it’s in.

Now that you know what NOT to do when buying a steel building, let’s talk about building you something you’ll love. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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