5 Reasons a Steel Building Is a Good Investment

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Whether it’s a 500 square foot garage or a 200,000 square foot business complex, a steel building can be a great option for adding to your property or building your business. If you’ve never considered using steel or what a steel building costs, here are 5 reasons steel is a good investment:

1. You Can Increase Your Property Value

A common addition to a property is a detached, metal building like a steel garage. According to real estate investor and author, Grant Cardone, adding a two-car garage will return the investment two to two-and-a-half times.* But whether it’s a one-car, two-car, RV garage, or something bigger, a garage adds value to your property by adding function to your home or business. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to create room for your cars, boats, or whatever you need to store. Not to mention a steel garage can help protect what’s inside from bad weather or thieves. You can even complete your garage with stucco, block, or glass to complement the appearance of your home.

2. Metal Buildings Are Easy to Maintain

Steel can be considered an ageless material in many ways as it can hold its looks and function over time. Unlike other materials, such as wood, steel won’t rot or decay from exposure. So if you have a steel roof, for example, there is no need to replace or do any repairs after years of normal use. Steel is also resistant to mold or mildew and won’t attract critters like termites so you won’t have to worry about finding any unexpected surprises. And, steel can stand strong against severe weather which reduces the potential for storm damage and repairs.

3. Steel is an Energy Efficient Material

From including an integrated ventilation system to accommodating double-layered insulation, we can help you design a building that not only fits your needs aesthetically, but can help you save on energy costs. In addition to the building itself, steel roof coatings can contain special cooling pigments that help reflect the heat from the sun and in turn reduce the energy needed to run the air conditioning. And a Bunger Steel roofing system qualifies for EnergyStar tax credits, which will increase savings on your energy and insurance bills right away.

Bonus: Steel is 100% recyclable, making it a very green product to use.

4. It’s Versatile Enough to Accommodate a Variety of Industries

You may be surprised to discover the types of businesses that are actually pre-engineered metal buildings. At Bunger Steel, we’ve built restaurants, churches, even schools. So whatever type of business you have, we can accommodate. And our buildings can be erected in a fraction of the time it would take using other materials so you can get down to business in no time, or if you’re renting the space, you can fill the occupancy quickly.

5. You’ll Find Maximum Interior Flexibility

Many steel buildings are erected with no load bearing walls inside, which means there’s almost no limit to what you can do. Restaurant space? Build your dream kitchen. Gym? Build the perfect weight room. You have the flexibility to create a floorplan that fits your needs exactly. If you’re renting the building out and your tenant changes, remodeling can be quick and easy allowing you to accommodate a variety of business types.

Ready to invest in a quick-to-construct, energy-efficient, versatile steel building? Contact us today.

Resource: *https://magazine.realtor/home-and-design/architecture-coach/article/2012/04/garage-deal-breaker

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