Liner Panels

Liner panels are components that make up the interior walls of steel paneling and similar structures. They’re are similar to exterior walls in many ways and are often standard, 3-foot panels that are 29 gauge. Liner panels are affixed to the framing with screws.

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Why Use Liner Panels?

Liner panels serve two important purposes. First, they’re a terrific way to enhance the overall appearance of your structure. They give the interior a far more finished look and present a great opportunity to add visual flair.

Second, liner panels are also designed to protect both the insulation and the exterior walls. Unreinforced insulation facings tear easily, and even the best reinforced materials can be damaged by sharp objects. If you’re not careful, a forklift or some other piece of heavy machinery can puncture them, creating an expensive problem.

Bunger Steel liner panels are designed with the specific requirements of your project in mind, allowing them to do a far better job than plywood ever could. Liner panels are far more cost effective than sheetrock walls, which also require their own framing system.

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